My approach to architectural design is strongly influenced by the context in which I grew up: coming from a family of builders, the building site is a natural environment for me. Therefore, using the skills acquired by osmosis from my adolescence, I have been able to experiment with and support the construction workers. I possess great respect for various artisans and craftsmen strongly believing that in order to obtain quality projects, a fruitful collaboration between Architect and executor is imperative.

"Every project is a long path that demands a pragmatic selection of suppliers and a diligent management. The two being of equal importance for its success."

About us

Our Studio is a young and committed group of professionals. We are Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers and Surveyors. We operate from Milan - Italy, providing services both locally and regionally. Due to our studio residing in the capital of design we are bound to provide projects of the highest standards and quality from Conception to Implementation occasionally collaborating with highly experienced and trusted professionals. The studio was founded by Architect Mauro Piantoni in 2012 after several years of experience in large scale international Studios. As a design studio, we are concerned with the timely delivery of complete, to the last detail, projects – providing services in all aspects of Architecture from Interior details to large scale Industrial projects. Client satisfaction is our primary objective. We do our best to produce memorable buildings and places that are contextual and sustainable.

Mauro Piantoni

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  • Interned at GPA Architecture INC, -Anaheim Hills (LA) California and GAS Architects in the their office in Milan.
  • Worked for 3 years as an Independent architect focusing on the structural aspects of the design and mechanical integration.
  • Specialized in the energy field (Energy Diagnosis and Energy Audit) and Acoustics (Sound proofing solutions in buildings).
  • Focused on bio-construction (prefabrication of wooden structures) and residential architecture, in which he carried our several projects applying these technologies.
  • Currently, part-time Assistant Professor at the Milan Polytechnic University leading a class of Urban Planning. He deals with 360 ° Architecture, but the focal point of Studio Mauro Piantoni is environmental sustainability through the research of materials and innovative solutions.
  • Member of the Order of Architects of the Province
    of Milan since 2011.
  • Partakes in the coordination of Architecture foundation courses at the Politecnic University of Milan.

The Team

Listed below are a few key members of our Studio. However, it is crucial to mention that our activities as an Architectural Studio do no stop at our doorstep but extend to many professional companies where we work hand in hand in order to deliver a project of top standard and quality.
Senior Architect

Francesca Novati

  • Politecnico di milano graduate, 2001;
  • Member of the order of Architects;
  • Handles Concept Representation, Renovations, Interior Design, along with drafting building practices.
Senior Engineer

Silvia Galantini

  • University of Pavia graduate, 2015;
  • Member of the order of Engineers;
  • Author of several publications relating to design and LEED certification;
  • Responsible for Building Information Management.
Junior Surveyor

Sabrina Illuzzi

  • Carlo Cattaneo Institute graduate, 2016;
  • Specialized in archi- tectural and topo- graphical survey;
  • Handles surveying, technical drawing and building practic- es.
Senior Engineer

Silvia Galantini

  • Politecnico di Milano graduate, 2016;
  • Acquired interna- tional experience in the furniture design and Renovation sector.;
  • Handles photo realistic renders and design


  • First prize winner - “Riqualificazione dell’area verde di Piazza Bellefond – Mezzomerico” competition.
  • Honorary Mention - “Ritrovo la mia piazza” competion.

Partner Companies


Our Mission


We work hard in meeting our clients needs to improve or build their facilities, and believe in a direct approach to design and problem solving that might be best described as ‘creative collab- oration’. - Good architecture is achieved through active Client/Architect collaboration and clear design solutions, unique to each one of our projects. - We provide a professional team that will deliver the project as a whole. Our role is to co-ordinate the input of this team and to identify and engage with all relevant interest groups. - Successful architecture is achieved through meticulous attention to detail, from spatial organization down to the door handle.
Active client collaboration, clear design solutions/values, and hands-on attention to detail: these form the core of our approach to design.


A key attribute/goal to all our designs that seeks to minimize the nega- tive impact on the environment meanwhile maximise the quality of life of our clients. Such a result is reached after extensive research, meticulous design and diligent material selection. Whether the area of focus is sustainable materials, sustainable energy use, renewable energy gener- ation or sustainable waste management, it all falls within our area of expertise.


Integrating Innovation in Architecture is another key attribute at our studio in order to keep in step with rapid technological changes and the current revolution in the design and the construction processes. This means actively seeking to innovate through design research and adopting advanced technolo- gies in our projects/programs. Therefore improving design processes and services, maximising build- ing performance and consequently the client experience.

Our Service

Architectural Design, Planning & Execution
Ranging from small scale projects such as residences to industrial struc- tures, this service is usually divided in three phases, the Preliminary which deals with understanding the vision of our client and the feasibility of the project. The Definitive phase which entails fine-tuning the project to the smallest details and finally the Executive phase that materialises all ideas with our continuous supervision from beginning to end.
Urban Design
Involves the arrangement and design of buildings, public spaces, trans- port systems, services, and amenities. It is a framework that orders the elements into a network of streets, squares, and blocks. Blending them together to make urban areas functional and efficient.
Renovation Interior Design
Whether the project is decorating or involves construction, we carefully survey and thoroughly assess the current state in order to understand and reflect our clients visions in their project. Our aim is to present a com- plete project designed down to the last detail.
Custom Furniture Industrial Design
Every space is unique. The best way to accentuate its uniqueness and maximise its function is custom furniture. It can be built to the perfect fit. Enabling a seamless design and minimizing lost space drastically
Facility Evaluation Technical Services
Project management, Feasibility studies, Drafting of tenders for the selec- tion of companies, Energy Audit, Energy technical reports, Real estate assessment and sworn estimate, Facility Evaluation...

Our Expertise Bio-Architecture

Wood is the oldest building material in the world: light, resistant, elastic and durable over time. It is a material that lends itself to various uses in the field of green building and construction in general. Moreover, being a natural product, it has beneficial effects for the individual, maintaining healthy and comfortable environmental conditions.

Wood is...

  • Light;
  • Resistant;
  • Elastic;
  • Durable;
  • Healthy;
  • Comfortable.

The advantages

of prefabricated wooden buildings:
  • Speed of realization;
  • Solidity since they are entirely made up of load-bearing walls; High performance in anti-seismic field due to the flexibility of the material;
  • Health and comfort due to the breath-ability of the walls preventing formation of mould and moisture;
  • High soundproofing capacity;
  • Thermal insulation that guarantees high energy savings in winter and summer months.
  • Maximization of space since with the same characteristics of thermal insulation, the wooden wall has half the thickness of a brick wall. Please note that with the available technologies, wooden walls now have a high bearing capacity allowing hanging sanitary and other elements. Not to mention an excellent fire proofing perfor- mance.

Costs and customizations

From prefabrication to assembly the overall price of the intervention is absolutely competitive on the market when compared to buildings with a traditional structure with similar performances.

Wooden buildings also profit from the advantages of prefabrication:

  • The building components are prefabricated with certified precision using industrial control systems;
  • Only the components assembly operations are carried out on site and is therefore less prone to debate and error in comparison to the traditional construction sites;
  • Design decisions are made at the initial stage, therefore there are no unforeseen events that entail higher costs than what was budgeted;
  • When the project is finished, a building with a wooden structure can be adapted whether to show or conceal its nature;
  • The prefabricated wooden buildings, finally, are fully customizable, both from the point of view of form, type and space, both as regards finishes, colours and coatings: the studio offers the design service of the building to the extent of the customer , studying unique, creative and customized solutions for every need.


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